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These baked apple roses take a little bit of work but they are perfect for bridal showers and other fun parties.  Make this baked apple roses recipe and impress your guests!

Baked Apple Roses Recipe

Baked Apple Roses Recipe

A Beautiful and Healthy Party Treat

So my baby sister is getting married in just a few weeks!  I can’t believe it….she’s 9 years younger than I am so she’s always been the baby….I used to call her “baby girl” for the longest time when we were younger.  But now she’s all grown up and is one amazing woman!  She’s met a wonderful man and they plan to elope while we’re in Cancun for Food Blog University.

It took me awhile to used to the idea that I wouldn’t be there for the happiest day of my sister’s life but it’s how they want to get married and that’s what’s important.  So even thought I won’t physically be there for the happy celebration I can at least be a part of the joy by hosting a bridal shower for her.  I mean….I do love a good reason to throw a party!!

Well, last week while I was planning her party….you know…..scrolling Pinterest for hours on end! 😉  I found this video with the Baked Apple Roses recipe from Tip Junkie and I knew it would make the perfect addition to my sister’s bridal shower.

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Now I did make just a few changes to this recipe….instead of using just red apples I decided to mix things up a bit with using Pink Lady apples and Granny Smith apples….the sweet and tart mix together perfectly.

Also, instead of using preserves to spread on the crescent dough I used local honey….mmmmmm….so delicious!


Then, instead of using lemon juice in the apples during microwaving I changed things up a little bit by adding 2 TBS raw sugar and 1 TBS of cinnamon.

Now, I will warn you….these are a bit more difficult than the video shows.  First off, I highly suggest getting a mandolin to slice the apples nice and thin….the good news is that I use my mandolin for TONS of stuff…so if you don’t have one….get one….they’re AWESOME!  This is a great mandolin at a good price….I love how versatile it is!

Make sure that you cook your apples long enough that they are soft and you can easily bend them without breaking them….just don’t get them too mushy.  Then make sure that you dry them completely because wet apples are slippery apples!!

These baked apple roses were such a hit at the shower….everyone was commenting on how beautiful they were!  So, if you have some extra time then I totally recommend making them….they really do make a lovely dish for the table!

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