Dollar Tree Pumpkin Craft and $100 Gift Card

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Toddler Halloween Craft- Pumpkin Hanging

A fun Dollar Tree craft activity for toddlers this Halloween!

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Craft #ValueSeekersClub

So Halloween is upon us and Little Man is having a blast making crafts!  We went to the library’s story time last week and the kids all made a fun Fall craft….Little Man LOVED it….I mean, he is MY son so of course he would LOVE crafting….right?!

Well ever since I realized how much he enjoys arts and crafts I’ve been on the hunt for fun simple toddler Halloween crafts that he can be proud of making!  

Did you know that Dollar Tree has a whole craft section????  AND they have this great site called the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club….it’s packed full of crafts, home decor, recipes, frugal tips, and the content changes every month!  You’ll never run out of fun ideas!!  Oh and the BEST part is that membership is FREE!

Toddler Crafts Pumpkins #ValueSeekersClub

I already love the Dollar Tree so now I’m super excited that I can find fun easy toddler crafts for Little Man to make– I picked out these adorable popsicle stick pumpkins to make first.  Although, I did have to put my own little spin on it…you know me….constantly changing things up!

All of the items I used came from the Dollar Tree and cost me less than $5!

I went online to the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and printed out the instructions and once I got to the store I improvised a little bit based on what was available and what I knew Little Man would enjoy.

dollar tree pumpkins #ValueSeekersClub

I found some red and green popsicle sticks over in the Christmas section– the green ones will be perfect for the stems of the pumpkins. And since they were out of orange construction paper I simply switched to foam sheets– which I think look fantastic!!

Instead of painting I decided to use these spooktacular foam stickers…..Little Man loves decorating with stickers- it’s so cute, he’s VERY meticulous about where each one goes…and I don’t have to worry about paint clean up! 🙂

Dollar Store Toddler Pumpkins #ValueSeekersClub

Once we got home we followed the directions and put together these popsicle stick pumpkins….Little Man had a blast!  I have them hanging by the front door and every time we go out he points to them, smiles, and says “I make, I make”…..melt my heart!!!

Dollar Tree Pumpkins #ValueSeekersClub

I suggest that you check out the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club…I’ve already found several other crafts on the site that Little Man and I are going to make.

What’s your favorite craft to make with the kids? Share in the comments below!

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  1. says

    I am in charge of craft time for my sons preschool class on Thursday for their halloween party and we are so making these. I love the foam paper idea, so much easier for 2 year olds to handle without tearing!! I will be headed to the Dollar Tree tomorrow!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. kristin draper says

    My kids and I love the dollar store! There are so many ideas and fun things to make! Some on our list are the jar lumineers, spider web game and glow stick ring toss!

  3. Debbie B says

    I am definitely going with the apothecary jars! Lots of ideas for what will be inside- it’s going to be a creepy good time!

  4. Stephanie Spalin says

    I like them all but most want to do the luminaries because I can also take it a step further and add a handle and use tea lights and use them instead of flash lights for the kids.

  5. liz says

    I still like the monster luminaries the best. But I would probably make more of the projects they have just to have fun with my kids 🙂

  6. Danielle says

    The Monster Luminaries are very cool but I think the Witch Finger cookies would be a real hit with my littles!

  7. Kelly says

    We just got a Dollar Tree in our area this month. Not a day goes by with us stopping in. Monster Luminaries would be awesome to make!

  8. Rachel Barker says

    The Monster Luminaries are adorable!!! These would be great to use plastic containers and light our walk way!

  9. Michelle S says

    I said before that I like the thumbtack pumpkins, but actually I love the popsicle stick pumpkins even better and THAT is what I’m doing for the harvest party kids craft on thursday. Thanks for the great idea! Wish I had that $100 now, lol.

  10. Melissa says

    These are so cute. Perfect for the craft I need to have ready for Wednesday. I also want to make those bat treat holders!

  11. says

    I would love to make the popsicle stick pumpkins since we have a whole box that needs to be used and i’m sure the kids would have fun making these!

  12. says

    I love Dollar Tree for crafting materials. I don’t know what I’d buy — I would have to just go in and pick up what catches my interest. That’s the best part about that store: you never know what you’ll find.

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