Non-Candy Valentine Card Ideas.  Check out these free printable non-candy Valentine card ideas that are sure to melt your heart without adding sugar to your child’s diet!

Candy Free Valentines for Kids

Non-Candy Valentine Card Ideas

Sugar Free Valentine’s Day Cards to Melt Your Heart

The other day I shared with you some fun ideas for healthy Valentine’s Day treats to make at home for the kids and our family’s favorite Valentine Bedtime Stories.  Today, I’m sharing with you some fun non-candy Valentines that the kids can take to school and share with their friends.

Be the favorite mom in class by having your child pass out fun yet candy free Valentine cards!  I have to admit, every time our preschool has a “party” day I roll my eyes and dread the inevitable bag of candy that my kids are going to bring home.  Seriously, why do we constantly have to give our already hyper children even more reasons to be hyper…..sugar is the devil!!

That’s why I’ve rounded up some super fun ideas for Valentine’s day that will keep the kids happy and the fellow parents will love you for!  Just click the link to go to the printable you want.  And then head over to check out The BEST Valentine Box Ideas for your kids to collect their Valentine’s with!

Candy Free Valentines for Kids

Bouncing Balls:

  1. Have a Ball! Happy Valentine’s Day
  2. Hope Your Valentine’s Day is a Ball!
  3. I Get a Kick Out of You
  4. You’re Outta This World Valentine
  5. Valentine, You Make My Heart BOUNCE
  6. I Like the Way You Roll
  7. Some Heart Beat, But My Heart BOUNCES For You!



Glow Sticks:

Sugar Free Snacks

Crazy Straws



Lip Balm

Fun Toys

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