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Pineapple Juice for Breastfeeding

Pineapple Juice for Breastfeeding

Can pineapple juice really increase your breast milk production for new moms? Here’s the information behind that old wives tale…

Does pineapple juice increase breast milk production for new breastfeeding moms?

Does Pineapple Juice REALLY Increase Breast Milk Supply?

With the popularity of my Nipple Survival Guide for New Breastfeeding Moms, I’ve been asked about pineapple juice and breastfeeding.  There seems to be no definitive evidence that pineapple juice will increase breast milk supply but there’s evidence of the health benefits associated with pineapple juice.

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Pineapple juice is high in fiber and Vitamin C along with other important nutrients that help alleviate the normal aches and pains that come with all of those body changes during pregnancy and childbirth.

But, before you chug that gallon of pineapple juice to increase breast milk supply, start off slowly and make sure your baby reacts okay to the acidic content that’s found in pineapple juice.  And, always check with your doctor before starting any new tactics to increase your breast milk supply.

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Pineapple juice breast milk 1 Pineapple Juice for Breastfeeding Does pineapple juice REALLY help increase breast milk supply for new breastfeeding moms? Pineapple juice for breastfeeding is a question many new moms are curious about...

Whether pineapple juice really does increase breast milk supply for new breastfeeding moms is still up in debate.

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I can tell you that I had troubles producing breast milk with my oldest and we struggled with breastfeeding throughout his whole infancy. But, when my second was born, I took pineapple juice to the hospital with me, started drinking it right away, and we had more than enough breast milk for her and plenty left over.

Have you tried drinking pineapple juice while breastfeeding to increase your breast milk? Do you feel like it’s helped you?

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