7 Layer Sauce-Less Pizza

7 Layer Sauce-Less Pizza

Ever since I became pregnant with Logan I haven’t been able to eat tomato sauce.  It really upsets his tummy, so I’ve been having to find alternatives for all of my favorite tomato based foods.  Pizza was a top priority!One night I was craving pizza so we decided to make it without the pizza sauce and let me just say…

It was the BEST Pizza EVER!

It’s amazing how using olive oil instead of tomato sauce brings out all the flavors of your toppings!
Okay, first off I highly recommend getting the pizza dough from Publix’s bakery- it’s awesome!

  • Spread pizza dough on a baking stone.
  • Brush extra virgin olive oil all over dough.
  • Brown 1/2 lb ground beef and sprinkle on pizza.
  • Sautee a medium onion and spread over pizza.
  • Sprinkle diced ham over pizza.
  • Cover pizza with shredded cheese.
  • Place pepperoni slices all over top of pizza.
  • Dice 2 fresh tomatoes and toss on pizza.
  • Cover with more cheese.
  • Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes- until crust is golden.
This is a super thick, super yummy pizza! You’ll need a knife and fork because it’s so thick- but trust me- you will be making it over and over again!


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  1. says

    this would even be good with a white sauce like a béchamel sauce… or just plain like u made it. I’m not a marinara sauce fan. gives me heart burn and hurts my stomach so i always use béchamel sauce instead

  2. says

    Huh – I never would have thought to use olive oil instead of the tomato sauce. I may just have to try that! And I TOTALLY agree about getting the dough from Publix. SO yummy and so much simpler than making your own!

  3. The Shady Porch says

    Oh we love sauceless pizza too! The olive oil does add so much more flavor to the pie! Thanks for sharing at the Rock ‘N Share!

  4. Jenny Melrose says

    This looks delicious and easy. My kind of dinner recipe! Thanks for sharing over at The NY Melrose Family. I wanted to let you know that Kimberly from See Sew and Seedlings is guest posting tomorrow for me and I back linked to you for featuring her last week.

  5. says

    Looks like I will need to invest in a baking stone! This recipe sounds and looks so good!

    I’m following you from Trick or Treat Tuesday!!


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