Teriyaki Cheddar Turkey Burgers

It’s Tasteful Tuesday!

When I was first introduced to ground turkey I had a knee jerk reaction of DISGUSTING!  “Why would anyone like ground up turkey?!”  Well, let me tell you…. not only is it a healthy alternative to ground beef it’s really good especially if you cook it right!

I came up with the recipe for these burgers several years ago and it is a major hit around my house!  I even fooled my father into thinking these were made with ground beef.  See, my dad is very old school… he won’t even try most healthy alternatives like ground turkey, sushi, tofu (well, I can’t really blame him on tofu, I’m not a big fan either), etc.  But, when I was taking care of him after his bypass (hence why he needs to eat healthier!) I snuck ground turkey into alot of meals without him knowing until I left and gave him a bunch of recipes with ground turkey.

These are soooooo easy!  Prep time takes about 7-8 minutes,
then just bake for about 75 minutes (while you watch tv or blog) and your whole meal is ready.

1 lb ground turkey
2 TBS teriyaki sauce
1 cup shredded cheddar
1 egg


1. In a large bowl mix together ground turkey, teriyaki sauce, cheddar, and egg.  Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty- just mash it all together!

2. In a baking dish make aluminum foil boats.

3. Take turkey mix and form patties and place in bottom of foil boat.
4. Slice onions, potatoes, and carrots long ways.
(I use red potatoes because the skins are tender enough that I don’t have to peel them first!)

5. Lay onions, potatoes, and carrots on top of turkey patty.

6. Close up foil boats and put in 350* oven.

7. Bake at 350* for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

8. Serve on a plate in foil boats… less clean up!

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  1. Janny says

    Foil dinners are delicious. Perfect for cooking outside too! Thanks for stopping by Que Linda to leave a sweet comment. That made my day 🙂

  2. Veronica and Daniel says

    I use ground turkey all the time, sometimes my hubby doesnt even notice that it is not ground beef he is eating 😉 My favorite use for it is in chili. This sounds recipe sounds tasty!

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