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Taking Affordable Steps to Natural Living and Healthy Eating

Just because you are wanting to make the switch to natural living and eating whole, organic foods doesn’t mean your wallet needs to suffer.  The number 1 reason people give for not eating organic and whole foods is the high cost– the number 2 reason is time.  So I’m here to help you with both!  On this page I share where I shop to help you control the cost; and my posts on the blog will help you see how making simple changes can make substantial strides to living and eating the way you want.

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Where I Shop:

Where I Shop- (1)

Amazon Prime:

I LOVE having Amazon Prime!  Believe it or not it has actually saved me a ton of money this past year.  By signing up for Prime I no longer worry about paying shipping charges or reaching the $35 minimum for free shipping.  It’s great because if all I need is a bag of baking soda for my HE Friendly Homemade Laundry Detergent then I just buy it and I don’t add on any extras to get to the $35 for free shipping.

Seriously, Try the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial….after 30 days you’ll be hooked.

Zaycon Foods:

I discovered Zaycon Foods about 2 years ago and it’s the ONLY place I buy ground beef and boneless skinless chicken breasts!  The quality is amazing…you can definitely taste a difference and the price just can’t be beat!

So, remember over on the “Start Here” page how I talked about every little step makes an impact?  Well, 100% purely grass fed organic meats are very pricey… and we’re working on taking AFFORDABLE steps toward natural living and healthy eating.  So, even though Zaycon is not “Certified Organic” it is a high quality product which I feel 100% confident eating.

Their ground beef is 93% lean (they also offer an 80% lean but I’ve only bought the 93%).  The cattle are fed a purely grass diet until they reach 700 lbs where they are then supplemented with grain. All of the beef is 100% raised in the US and there are never any chemicals, additives, or fillers added to the beef.  It’s processed in a state of the art facility and Zaycon holds their plant to the highest standards with regular safety checks and protocols.

The chicken is processed in a similar state of the art facility.  It’s 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, no additives, and no artificial ingredients.  The boneless skinless chicken breasts are by far the best chicken I have ever cooked with!  They are plump, well trimmed, and I actually get super excited when it comes because I feel so accomplished making 30 or so meals in one afternoon.  (Seriously, I’m going to make you a video of my process so make sure you follow on YouTube!)

Now, shopping through Zaycon means that you’ll be buying in bulk and their meat products are not frozen so you’ll need to come home, separate it, and freeze it.  This is when I put together a ton of freezer meals and we save so much money because I always have something simple to pull out of the freezer for dinner!

Even if you don’t have a large freezer you can benefit by ordering through Zaycon— see if you have any friends that would be interested in splitting an order.  You can even host a freezer meal workshop where everyone comes over to put together several meals and split the cost.


Do you know someone that sells Wildtree?  It is a direct sales company…something I’m normally not into…but I LOVE Wildtree!  The concept is simple– certified organic, additive free spice mixes and meal plans.  I started using Wildtree products after attending a tasting party and I was hooked.

They have Freezer Meal Workshops (here’s an example of one package) which are perfect for pairing with the Zaycon meats….and everything I’ve tried so far has been amazing!  The Freezer Meal Workshops save us so much time and money from eating out.  It’s nice knowing that I can just open up the freezer and have something healthy to eat in less than 30 minutes.  And it’s fun getting together with some friends to mix together a few meal.  There are so many different Freezer Meal Workshops to chose from– you’ll never get bored.  And I always have more than enough spices left over in the package to make many more meals.

They make this amazing Hearty Spaghetti Blend that I just mix together with a pound of ground beef and a 28oz jar of organic crushed tomatoes and dinner is ready in less than 20 minutes!  Plus, I think it’s the BEST spaghetti sauce I’ve ever made before.  During the summer months I mix it with fresh tomatoes and it’s even more amazing.  Oh, and one container lasts FOREVER it seems!

They also make this TO DIE FOR S’mores Dessert Mix which I love to add 2 TBS into a cup of heavy cream and just blend it for about 2 minutes and it forms the easiest and most delicious mousse ever!  Serve with some graham crackers and dessert is ready!  Seriously, I think I should just write a post about how much I love Wildtree!  You’ll see it popping up in my recipes a LOT.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is like the Costco of organics!  It’s a membership club where you get killer deals on so many organic products.  They have everything from pasta, to chips, to soy sauce….there’s always new products arriving and the prices are just incredible!  Plus, you get an extra 15% off your first order.

I use Thrive Market to order most of Miss Jellybean’s baby items and snacks.  They have all sorts of soaps, shampoos, diaper creams, baby wipes….it’s fantastic!

And, of course, I ALWAYS shop their sale items….I mean, Christmas just ended and I loaded up on some fantastic Organic Mulling Spices that normally sell for $15 for just $3.95.  And I scored a Turkey Brine Kit that’s typically $13 for just $3!  Oh, and I took the plunge and completely replaced my spice cabinet with all organic spices and spent less than $80….and I have a LOT of spices!

You can check it out for free for 30 days….so why not give it a try!

Tropical Traditions:

My favorite spot for buying organic rice and coconut oil is Tropical Traditions.  They have an amazing selection, low minimum orders, great prices, and when you place your first order through this affiliate link they will send you a free book : “Virgin Coconut Oil” It’s packed with over 85 recipes that use coconut oil and shares all the health benefits and research surrounding why you should incorporate virgin coconut oil into your diet.

The key to saving money at Tropical Traditions is to shop when they have their awesome Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales!  They will also send you exclusive coupon codes if you sign up for their email.

My Local Farmer’s Market

Find your local farmer’s market….especially if it’s a little mom and pop country store….you’ll find some of the most delicious food and great prices as well.  I found this little market not too far from my house that is run by the sweetest woman and her family.  Even though the vegetables that I buy there are not “certified organic” I know that they are close.  Through talking with the family I know that they work hard to make their vegetables organic but in many instances the fees to get that “certified” label are just too much for a small farm like theirs.

So talk with your local market owner and find out what they use for pesticides.  Find out how they grow their crops, raise their chickens, feed their cattle…..you’ll be surprised to learn that many small mom and pop farms are organic…they just can’t afford that little round label.

I hope that learning more about where I shop has helped you see that making the switch to a more natural lifestyle and healthy eating is quite affordable.  There are many places out there to find a deal on organics…you just have to find them.

Follow along as I’ll be sharing how you can slowly make the transition so it’s easy on your budget and a breeze to incorporate into your lifestyle!