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How do we gain balance in this digital world?

The hard fact is that electronics are not going anywhere.

In fact, the digital world will just continue to grow.

As parents, we cannot just stand back with our arms crossed mad at the digital world our children have inherited.

Or maybe you feel like the digital world is an ingenious advancement, but you want just a little bit of guidance on balance.

There it is.

The key word balance.

Three ways you can use today to find balance in a digital world.

One day I was done with fighting with my kids over electronics.

I found one son hiding in his room on his iPad under a blanket.

My two year old would yell hi-pad at the top of his lungs all day long.

I just felt like I was losing control.

I needed a plan. One that would work quickly and be easy to implement.

Let me share with you what worked for our family.

Three Ways to Gain Balance in an Electronic World

#1: Use the app OurPact.

I seriously cannot remember how I survived without this app.

OurPact gives you the power.

You control your children’s devices from your phone.


I know. It is amazing.

OurPact allows the parent to balance screen time by blocking Internet and apps at-a-touch or through automated schedules.

In our home, we have the following automated schedule. These are the times that the electronic devices are blocked:

Bedtime: 8 pm – 6 am

School: 6 am – 1 pm

Afternoon time with friends and family: 4 pm – 7 pm

You can sit down and come up with hours that you do not want your kids to have access to their devices.

Our family has also chosen to have one day a week to go completely screen-free and one day a week for unlimited screen access.

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But there is more than just scheduling…

You can grant access at any time on your phone for time intervals (think rewarding good behavior).

You can also deny access at any time on your phone (think consequences here).

This app does the work for you, and it is FREE.

Want to know more?

Check out Our Pact right here.

#2: Set Up an Electronics Bin in Your Home

An electronics bin is a home for all devices.

Our bin sits in the pantry (think of your best centralized location).

This bin houses all ipads, phones, and computers.

The big rule: you have to ask before grabbing an electronics device out of the bin.

The value of an electronics bin in your home.


This allows me to make sure the kids have done their daily reading, schoolwork, and/or chores.

Just like OurPact, this bin is allowing me to make sure my kids are first and foremost taking responsiblity before playing.

One more benefit of the electronics bin: it keeps my husband and I accountable.

Our phones and my computer are placed in the bin. This holds me accountable to only use my phone and/or computer during working hours.

I am more present and involved when my head is not stuck looking down at a screen!

Want more information on the electronics bin? Click here to see the original idea.

#3: Arm Yourself with Knowledge.

Knowledge is key.

Like I said before, electronic devices are not going anywhere.

Arm yourself with resources that will help you navigate the digital world.

Parenting in this digital world is so different.

My top picks for resources:

The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age

Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World

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Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age

Three Resources to help parents navigate this digital world.

Arming yourself with information and a plan is absolutely key.

We cannot just hope for the best. Not anymore. There is too much danger, too much information at our fingertips, and not enough time for it all!

Recap: Balance Electronic Life

Imagine a day where you do not have to fight with the glow of the screen.

You are engaged with your children and redeeming time lost.

You feel more peace and contentment because of the family time you have gained.

It can happen. I promise.

Take these three steps:

  1. Install OurPact and control time spent on devices.
  2. Use an electronics bin in your home.
  3. Find resources to gain knowledge and insight.

Which one of these steps do you think will be the most effective in your home?

Comment below and let me know.

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Three ways you can use today to find balance in a digital world.

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